Silt Settlement 3D animated explainer video

Silt removal from water products

EnviroHub products for silt removal from water 3D explainer video. With this 3D explainer video, viewers can see exactly how the system works and the benefits it provides.

Product models provided by the customer, scene, and animation made using Unreal Engine, editing and titling with Hitfilm Express.

The video starts with an aerial view of the site where the products are placed. Then an overview to show how the water removal system is installed. The system is composed of several modules that work together to remove silt from the water.

The first component is the dosing unit that provides polymers and additives to the first treatment tank. Then the dirty water enters the treatment tank where the process of water treatment could be seen with an animated cutaway view. The next step is the Lamella tank, where with another 3D animated cutaway view the water and cleaning process with silt settlement is shown. The final one is the remaining solids passing through an LSM pump.

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