Pumping and dewatering in a chemical plant video

All Pumps Audex100

Such fun creating this 3D video for All Pumps Argentina!

They wanted a video to showcase the pumps they sell to create an animated catalogue. This is the second one. You can check the first one here: https://youtu.be/wYN6GIn9Hbs

In this second video, the pumps are shown in a chemical plant as a demonstration where they could be used and their applications and performance.

We created a simple storyboard first to check where each pump will go and their locations within the plant, and of course the plant layout to make the video more entertaining. They provided me with most of the 3D models of the pumps, which were really useful as they reduced the workload of such a complex project.

Hydracell Pumps on skid

Several sketches were created as the plant was modelled in 3D, and smaller details such as trucks, the entrance gate, and river, were added to make it come alive.

Once the 3D model was finished, materials, texture, and lighting added, the video itself was created. The decision to show first an eagle-eye view of the whole plant helped to understand where each pump was located. A fly-through camera was added, making it stop on every point of interest.

Chemical plant 3D render

The video was then rendered in a low-quality version to check with the customer. Once approved, it was refined to add the on-screen tags and titles, and synced with the music in post-production.

Here is the final product:

Several high resolution renders were also required to be used on a print catalogue and large scale banners to decorate the customer’s stands in different expos and conferences.


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