Just finished: 3D video of a sand washing plant

Atlantic Pumps UK asked me to create a 3D CAD video of a sand washing plant to showcase the components they sell, as they liked the animations I have made for All Pumps.

They also needed some visuals for their catalogue and images in a large size as they would be used for print posters.

Rendered image straight from Shade 3D

The creation process was pretty straightforward, as they provided a lot of information, so the 3D model was relatively easy to create, as well as the quarry environment where it is shown.

Wash plant already inserted in the quarry, with lighting and materials. Rendered straight from Unreal Engine, no post-process was needed.

Once the still images were approved, we started with the design of the animation. Because of the large dimensions of the wash plant, it was great to use wide angle shots, that helped to convey its size.

As usual, I first made low quality renders of the video so they could check the items to show as well as timing and syncing with music. They provided me with the logos and contents for each caption.

The remodelled scenario for the animation also allowed me to update the initial static renders, with more detail, like sand coming from the front conveyor. I think this kind of small detail is what makes the video and images to be more life like and realistic, and helps the viewer to have a better engagement with what is seen on screen.

Atlantic Pumps Wash Plant – still from the video showing a SlurryPro vertical pump

They published the video on their website and LinkedIn profiles:

Thank you Atlantic Pumps for giving me the opportunity to create this video and images for you, I really enjoyed working with you!


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