Fertec – Agrix – Precision Agriculture with English lower-thirds

Working alongside our sister company tresmiradas media, Fertec asked us to edit several shots we previously made for their main sales videos (some of them here: https://youtu.be/4M1xXmDF3mE and https://youtu.be/9GnXgXtILFM ) and add subtitles and lower-thirds in English. The idea was to make the videos suitable for international sales in foreign markets.

They already had the translations and voice overs recorded, so it was easier for us to make the compilations and editing required for this new versions. It was really helpful!

It was also required to make the videos short to make them suitable for online ads.

We proceded to make fast edited versions for the customers, so they could approve them before the final version was created. The music was added and synced with the lower-thirds and voice.

Here you can see one the final videos:

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