Oil&Gas Corporate Video

We recently finished this Corporate Video for Morken Group alongside tresmiradas media (my partner company). This 3D animated video gives a fast overview of the services and solutions they provide for the oil and gas industries.


It was great to work on it as it gave me the chance to better know the requirements and have a great insight in the existing technologies on those fields.

It also gave me the chance to test our storytelling skills to be able to show all the services the company provides in a coherent and fast paced video that lasts long enough to keep the attention of the viewer. And it also had the challenge to balance the amount of information to grab the attention of experts in the field and also passers-by, as the 3D video was initially shown at a trade show.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any inquiries or to discuss more details of the explainer or promo video you need, I will be really happy to work with you!

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